What is VakMak?

Vak-Mak is a corn on the cob in vacuum packaging, harvested and packaged in Uzbekistan.

Healthy food

Vak-Mak contains 26 elements of periodic table and is beneficial for controlling diabetes, prevention of heart ailments and Alzheimer`s disease, lowering hypertension; helps maintain good vision and skin, improves bone strength, prevents anemia among many other health benefits.

Time saver

Vak-Mak is ready to eat and available all year long. Its high-tech packaging saves your time: you can eat it as is, preheat in microwave oven for 1 minutes or boil in hot water for 3-5 minutes.


Vak-Mak can be stored in +5... +20C temperature: no need for refrigeration. You can take Vak-Mak anywhere you go: school, gym, picnic or work.

Where to buy

Available at participating stores, gyms and restaurants.


E-mail: info@vakmak.uz
Tel: +998 (97) 705-2225

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